To pick a good domain name is really hard in the start but it's easy if you use a simple way. You need to consider few simple things and decide a good domain name.
By Raza Dotani
Digital Media Manager
February 18, 2016
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Selecting a best domain name is the first step to success in blogging and online marketing. Many people ignore and underestimate to select a good domain name, which is never good for your blog/website. I consider it a 50% success to choose a right domain and this is your first step to success.

Things you need to consider for a good domain name.

Picking a domain might sound hard at first, but it is not when you use the simple metric that we created for you which assist you in the evaluating process and make the decision much easier.

To pick a good domain name is really hard in the start but it’s easy if you use a simple way. You need to consider the following things and decide a good domain name.


Keywords — the most important step in the process to decide a best domain name. A domain name contains most related keywords to your blog site will rank your site higher in search engines. Popular keywords like “web hosting” in is hard to get. But think first what is your site about. For Example I wanted to launch a blog on the tribal people’s lifestyle and true stories, to feature tribal people. I decided a domain name as “”.

Branding names always better than keywords focused names.

Remember one thing — After you decide the topic of your blog site, Your users and readers should memorize it easily. Never choose a complicated and lengthy domain name. — If you can’t choose a good domain name with the keywords, decide a catchy domain name. Google is a search engine, it could be as “” but the company picked Google, today it dominates the internet.

Domain names length & hyphens.

It’s good if you decide a shorter domain name but never choose a name like (make money online blogy), for example. Instead of you can choose another catchy domain name, suppose Sometimes you maybe think about the use of hyphens, such as It’s not bad but I would advise you to avoid ‘hyphens’.

Always choose .com extension.

There have been so many domain name extensions introduced in the recent years like .net, .info, .tv, .me, and country code extensions as .pk, .in, .cn and .us etc. Still I always love .com — it’s still dominates the market.

But is your domain is not available in the .com extension, don’t stuck to the .com but go for some other extension. I wanted to launch “Tribal Post” whereas the was already taken, so I picked the and I love it. — But many people still type when they want to visit my site

Domain Registrars

There are hundreds of domain registrars on the web that are offering you domain registration and more. But like many other scams on the web, there are scam domain registrars that disappear every three months, and you get left hanging. Therefore we suggest you get a domain from one of these popular registrars that has been around and have earned a good reputation in the industry.

Name Cheap

NameCheap offers affordable domain registration options, as well as multiple domain names for almost any website, from .com to specialized domain names, like .review. NameCheap is very thorough in their knowledgebase, as many users reported finding the answers to their questions without having to consult live chat support help. NameCheap also has a very good domain name suggestion engine, giving the user feedback for whether or not their domain name is available. Go to Name-Cheap now.


HostGator is a web domain and hosting service that includes an array of tools. HostGator is one of the 10 largest web hosting companies in the world and is currently hosting over 8,000,000 domains. Get HostGator


BlueHost is well worth the consideration of individuals and small businesses aiming to increase traffic, improve site appearance, and maintain excellent uptime for their domains. — Personally I am a big fan of BLUEHOST. I always prefer it.


If you are looking for a Pakistani domain registrar and web-hosting company, Hosterpk is the best one. I personally started with HosterPk services and I am satisfied with them. Go for HosterPk Now.

Shopify domain names generator is a very useful handpicked tool. Try it and you will find your desired domain.

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