The Independent, Telegraph, France24 make editorial blunders

Commander of the IS – Afghanistan was killed in a drone strike on Friday. As it was a blow to the Islamic State – IS, major news websites, TV channels, newspapers featured it as top story.

But many posted the story with wrong featured-image. The name of the IS commander was “Hafiz Saeed Khan” and the story on major news website went online with the featured image of Pakistan’s Hafiz Saeed, the head of the Jama’at-ud-Dawah. – which was a big editorial blunder by such big names as The Independent, Telegraph, France 24 and others, maybe.

France 24
Screenshot of the story by France 24
Screenshot of the Independent stroy
Independent (after)
Independent story after the website change the featured image
Story posted by Telegraph (Screenshot-before)
Telegraph story after image changed (Screenshot)

The Jama’at ud Dawah chief Hafiz Saeed is known as “terrorist” on wikipedia and governments like Inida, U.S and many others also enlisted him as terrorist. Therefore “Hafiz Saeed” is a well known name.

As the news of killing of the Haifz Saeed Khan, the ISIS commander happened, editors searched for the picture of Hafiz Saeed and post it immediately.

I can’t believe it, how can The Independent, The Telegraph and others can make such big blunders. Unbelievable.

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