Gunduz Aghayev's 'Holy Selfie' artworks highlight and focus on the complex and culture issues such as a social injustice, human right and poverty.
By Raza Dotani
Digital Media Manager
August 3, 2015
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Gunduz Aghayev did some satirical but awesome artwork, a series named “Holy Selfies”. His controversial artworks make fun of various faiths and Holy Men & Women who lead and conform to them.

Gunduz Aghayev

The Azerbaijani caricaturist Gunduz Aghayev is well – known solely for his work on political and societal events across the world.

Along with with this series titled ‘Holy Selfie’ his other artworks highlight and focus on other complex and culture issues such as a social injustice, human right and education for the poor.

Holy Selfies !!

The most I like, is a man making his selfie while offering prayer. Because I have seen the most on social media.

It is another fabulous creation of Gunduz. Woman wearing full ‘Burqa’ (old style). She is making her selfie while drinking some soft drink. This can be seen in Pakistan, India, and many Arab countries, where women are not allowed to enjoy free and independent social life.

This one is terrible but true after the world faced terrorism especially in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan’s Afghan-bordered areas. The controversial Islamic State (IS) beheaded hundreds of innocent people.

This one is interesting. The truth is revealed by this piece.

You can see this in Israel.

This one — Holy as well as Happy Selfie.

And a few more… !!

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