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Under the tagline of Tribal Post Blogs and the Tribal Post Citizen Journalism, which is: “Speak loud, write bold and make your voice heard worldwide,” I invite everyone to join the Tribal Post.

Everyone means everyone. We provide free professional blog-space to bloggers and those who want to be blogger. When we talk about ‘everyone’, we mean whoever and whatever you are, our professional ‘Blogs’ and customized ‘Citizen Journalism’ portal is for you.

We help you using digital & social media to promote understanding, peace and social causes. Being a ‘citizen journalist’, the only thing you need is to capture and record what you see and find around you, whether it is a social issue, something new, someone’s interesting words, or you want to comment about anything.

A Citizen Journalist, I mean a common person, captures, records, speaks or just writes and send it to the Tribal Post. Our editors covert it into beautiful visuals, infographics or editorial piece, and then we publish it with full credits to the creator/author of that content. Moreover, we share it across multiple social media platforms.

We support our bloggers on every step they take towards blogging. Everyone is not a professional blogger, that’s why we try our best to train them how to write, record and then edit their blogs. Our editors always welcome blog-posts. There is no specific qualification required to be a blogger with us. The only thing needed for a blogger is to be passionate about blogging.

“Pick your pen and paper and write – Switch on your computer and type – Open your camera and record, then send it to us.”

We have a professional and modern blogging system for photographers and photo-bloggers as well. We value them more, by giving them proper full credit of their work and promote them digitally.

Additionally, we also encourage ‘social media activists’ and offer them to join us as ‘social media manager’. We give them full access to manage our social media pages as an “admin”. They can post, reply messages and comments and share different content on our social media pages.

Overall we have these roles for those who want to join us.

  • Editor
  • Reporter
  • Blogger/Writer
  • Photographer
  • Citizen Journalist
  • Social Media Manager

How to join us?

Just visit go to “Join Us” page, fill the form and submit. We will send you an automatic response open submission the form and reach you within a couple of days with proper response and further guidance.

We also need your feedback and we would really love to learn more. Comment below, or reach us through the contact page or Facebook messenger.

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